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Back in the USA

FYI, as of about 5 PM yesterday I was back in the Boston. Even though we took off about an hour late from LHR there apparently was some schedule padding (or favorable winds) so we landed closer to on time. I actually was through passport control, picked up my luggage, and was through customs in much less time than it usually takes NW or DL to even deliver domestic luggage at Logan (30-45 minutes vs. 45-60 minutes).

I flew Virgin Premium Economy on the way back. While it was not anything like Virgin Upper Class, Air France Business, or even DL / NW International Business Class (and much less than BA / AF Concordes both of which I had a chance to fly), it was much better than the American Economy on the way over. And it was well worth it just to skip the long check in queue at LHR (Heathrow). The food was the same as normal economy on Virgin and Virgin provides free drinks to all of their passengers, but once they were done with the drink service they always came back and asked the Presidium Economy passengers if they wanted a refill.

Today is catching up on things at home (so I won't be at the impromptu NESFA dinner).

Tomorrow is NESFA and various things with friends.

Monday I have an Eye Doctor appointment.

Tuesday I think I'm having lunch with my new boss who I haven't seen since I started at Stratus. And in the evening, SMOZZ and I have a "date".

Wednesday I have a major dentist appointment (first part of a crown) and will be working from home around that. I plan to make it to NESFA in the evening.

Thursday I have to get a haircut.

Friday I just don't know what I'll do with myself ... ;)

Saturday I have a Mensa ExComm meeting / BBQ.

Sunday I have an Arisia Corporate meeting / BBQ.

Monday 7 August I head back to Europe - probably Düsseldorf, but it might be London.

Besides all that I have to pick up my new laptop from work (Dell Dimension 610) and finish configuring it. Given it is bigger than my personal Dell Precision M20, I suspect I'm going to use the Dimension 610 as a home system.

And we are having various repairs done around the house. Hopefully.

Yes, I may be crazy.
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