RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Heathrow Update ...

The bus (555/556/557 if you are keeping track) from Ashford back to Heathrow this (Thursday) evening was uneventful. We had no problems or delays getting into Heathrow Terminal 4 where I normally get off. This time I actually continued on to Hatton Cross and then Harlington Corner (for the real Heathrow Geeks) to meet someone for dinner at the Sheraton Skyline. There were no problems at all. In fact, traffic was lighter than usual.

Except in the other direction. While there was a long line of trucks waiting to get onto the airfield. They were mostly FlightGournet / SkyChiefs trucks. So, I think that answers the question of whether flights are still being catered with food and drink. It appears they are.
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