RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

TrendMicro AntiVirus thinks GoToMyPC is a virus?

So, I downloaded the free versions of AVG and TrendMicro anti-virsus to check a PC for a suspected problem.  (McAfee wasn't reporting any problems but we wanted to be more sure.)

The AVG free version was kind of slow (18 hours for a full scan of a 160 GB disk which is about 75% full) put it doesn't expire.

Not only does TrendMicro expire in 30 days but it thinks GoToMyPC is a virus and quarantined it.    Without even asking or giving me a choice.

No real problems were found by either.

If I didn't have access to a McAfee site license (from work), I might use AVG, but there is no way that I would use TrendMicro.

Now to go back to the restore point and get back to McAfee.
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