RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Heathrow Update

Yesterday I didn't really spend much time going back and forth through Heathrow T4 because I rented a car so that we could drive down to Sussex last night for a midnight - 06:00 GIG at a customer site doing some installation and data migration testing. (As it turns out we left greater London area at about 23:00 and returned at about 07:30; the traffic was much worse on the way back. I caught several hours sleep and I'm back in the office.)

(The car rental was 27 GBP per day plus 18 GBP per day insurance WITH a 650 GBP deductible. With miscellaneous taxes, fees, and so on that total to Hertz was 61.19 GBP plus 15.00 GBP gas (well, diesel) and 5.00 parking at the hotel for 6 hours. On the other hand, taking the bus back and forth to work has been costing between 4.40 GBP and 6.00 GBP and I could probably get an all day (off-peak) travel-card and go anywhere in London for 6.30 GBP. And people wonder why I haven't been getting a car when I am over here?"

Last I noticed (Tuesday night or maybe Wednesday morning) BAA still had door dragons at T4 stopping people from entering until their airline was ready to start processing their flight. This morning the door dragons were gone! So things are sort of getting back to normal at Heathrow. That is other than the absurdly small carry-on restrictions. (I have a small laptop case and it wouldn't fit if I put any papers or books in it much less if I want to carry my GPS on with me so that it doesn't get lost / damaged / stolen.) Until the carry-on situation changes, I will probably not fly out of the UK again. I intend to inform Virgin of why they are losing my business when I cancel my reservation.

So at this point, assuming DL 8514 / AF 322 looks doesn't have a meltdown today and looks like it is close to on time tomorrow, I'm still planning on catching the 08:30 Eurostar to Paris and flying CDG-BOS on Air France (with a confirmed Business Class Upgrade). I'll probably check my roller-board, but bring the laptop case and GPS and some books on board with me.
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