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I'm typing this from Charles de Gaulle (sp?) Paris Airport. I've made it that far on my way home. I'm using wireless off my (well SMOZZ's) T-mobile USA account at $.18 / minute.

Eurostar was wonderful. I caught the 7:25 rather than the 7:05 from Feltham to Waterloo due to problems with hotel checkout. (Maybe you should boot the computers in the club lounge before you open, rather than 15 minutes later when the first guest walks in?) I was at Waterloo before 8 AM. I was still in plenty of time to catch the 08:39 Eurostar to Lille (on the Brussels line). First Class on the train was empty with maybe 10 people in the car, so I was able to move from a single seat to a table for four. Breakfast was about equivalent to FC airline fare in the US these days. Except they kept on coming back to offer more water etc.

After changing at Lille, I caught a TGV direct to CDG where the train station is under T2. Unfortunately, I had to call Delta to figure out if my flight was leaving from T2 A, B, C, D, E, F, or ... I got to CDG at about 13:00. The flight is at 15:55 so it wasn't on the departure boards yet. Check in was a breeze and I was sitting in the Air France Business Class lounge by 14:00. I noticed no real extra security so far other than signs saying no liquids etc. are allowed. I'm not sure if they are going to do a secondary check at the gate. I checked my rollerboard, but took my laptop case and another small bag with some books. I also have my GPS unit in one of the pockets of my jacket.

My flight is currently listed on time, so should be back in Boston tonight.
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