RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Made it home ...

Well, I made it home more or less on time. We took off about an hour late but only landed about 15 minutes late. The Air France (Delta Codeshare) flight from CDG-BOS was fairly empty. Only about 12 of 30 seats filled in Business. I'm not sure if this is because of the current travel fubars or whether Air France is in deep trouble. (International Airlines make most of their money off business class or at least people paying close to full coach so that they can upgrade like me.)

In any case, the security was pretty much theatre. Check-in was fine. Air France was allowing full size carry-ons. I took my laptop bag and another small bag with books. At the general x-ray security, they swabbed my book bag but not my laptop bag. I didn't have to take the laptop out of the case.

After cooling my heels in the Air France lounge for about an hour, the flight status changed to boarding so I went down to the gate. Here the real theatre started.

First they did a hand search of all the bags. Still no one checked to make sure that my laptop was what it appeared to be. Then we got our bags back and got into another line where they did a pat down search. There appeared to be nothing to stop you from taking something out of your jacket and putting it in a previously checked bag between the two searches. (Shades of India.)

So, I probably could have stashed something in my laptop or did a slight of hand swap from my jacket to a bag.

All in all, I'm glad I went back thru Paris. It was real fun calling Virgin Atlantic to cancel my reservation and ask for a refund and tell them why.
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