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life, travel, and travel plans

The good news is that I'm heading to Milan tomorrow for some OJT and working with my counterpart on a performance evaluation.

The better news is that today I got to bike from Windsor to Henley (via the Thames) and then on to Reading (via the A4155 road). It was only about 32 miles, but the paths were not as good as on the lower Thames and also I had less idea about where I was going. Reestimating what I did last time (from Windsor to Richmond to Barnes), it looks like it was a little bit more like 35-40 miles. Both rides were over mixed terrain (from grass, to tracks in grass, to gravel, to paved paths, to roads). In both cases I nominally had the bike for 8 hours but had to leave about 2 hours at the end to return (via train). The weather was a lot nicer today than last time and I may have even gotten a little bit (more) of a tan. While it was cool this morning around London / Chelsea Harbor were I am staying, I had to take off my jacket once I started biking in Windsor. If I do this again, I may try Richmond to the London Thames barrier. I also really should get some good bike maps for this area. Everything I have found so far is "day trips" of about 5-10-20 miles in a circle.

The bad news (?) is that it seems I might "need" to come back to the UK the week after next. Apparently, I've been a big asset in solving problems and debugging the application and figuring out which rocks to turn over at Stratus. So, the UK wants me back. And it seems like the correct thing to do. I should be very happy they want me back ("job security"!), but I was hoping to spend a least one full week at home this month with SMOZZ and the cats. I am still going to be at the Arisia meeting though. I'm currently booked LHR->MXP(Milan) tomorrow, MXP-BOS on Friday 9/15, BOS->LHR on Monday 9/18, and LHR->BOS on Saturday 9/23 (and then SMOZZ and I are booked BOS-MKE on 9/27 and MKE-BOS on 10/1 for Bouchercon).

I know ... just think of the frequent flyer miles. Unfortunately I've been flying BOS/LHR on American and I really don't like American. I guess I can always use those miles to go to NASFiC next year (if I get 25k of them - next trip should just top 20k).

It will be interesting to see what Alitalia is like MXP-BOS (especially as compared to Air France).

P.S Maybe we'll save enough money, or inherit, or Stratus will go public or be bought out in a good way, or we'll hit the lottery and be able to retire early ...
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