RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Pay by the minute internet ...

I *hate* pay by the minute internet which is what the hotel I'm at in Milan has. 50 Euros for 330 minutes = about .15 Euros per minute. I feel rushed to login, download my mail, do whatever I *need* to do on the web and disconnect. While it may seem backwards, I actually preferred the outrageous flat rate at the hotel I stayed at over the weekend in London which was 24 BP / day or about $50. The company was paying and I got to stay on as long as I wanted. I probably has on for more than 6 hours per day (which is kind of sad, spending 6 hours a day online when in London ...), but at least I didn't feel rushed. I think if I was at the Milan hotel over the weekend, it actually would have cost more than the London Hotel.

So, if I seem terse / rushed in my conversations / emails over the next week, sorry.
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