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Guests of Honor for Arisia 2010

I am pleased to announce the Guests of Honor for Arisia 2010 to be
held Friday January 15th to Monday January 18th (Martin Luther King
Day Weekend) at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

Artist Guest of Honor - Sarah Clemens
Fantasy and photo realist artist - Magnus and Loki, etc.

Fan Guests of Honor - Kevin Roche and Andy Trembley
(http://www.twistedimage.com & http://www.bovil.com)
Costumers, CC26 chair and bid-chair (http://www.cc26.info), Evil Geniuses Parties, etc.

Musical Guest of Honor: SJ Tucker - Skinny White Chick
Musical Storytelling at its Mythical Finest

Writer / Editor Guest of Honor – Gardner Dozois
Nebula and Sidewise award winning author, Hugo award winning editor, etc.

More details including membership and hotel rates will be available by
January 2009.
Rick Kovalcik
Arisia 2010 Chair

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