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So, I'm sitting in the lobby of the newly redone Sheraton Raritan Center in Edison, NJ. Mostly so I don't wake smozz. I came downstairs to negotiate a settlement since the Club Lounge was closed for breakfast. Without any trouble, I got 2 coupons for the breakfast buffet in the restaurant, which is about what I expected and what they do on Saturday and Sunday anyway. I'm still mildly annoyed because the Club Lounge serves breakfast until only 9 while the restaurant serves breakfast until 11. So, there was no real need to be up at this hour, especially since the dinner reservations in NYC aren't until 5 PM. (My 75 year old mother is not up to cooking and we not going to cook in her house if she is going to micromanage. Two years ago we warmed up a precooked meal from Stop and Shop and even that was, er, interesting.) We asked when we checked in and they said the Club Lounge would be open today and tomorrow. When we get back to the hotel tonight I will ask about tomorrow and maybe get a answers.

In any case, the point of this semi-rant, is that they are playing insipid love songs over the speakers. WHY? It would seem to me that heart-weary travelers would have banded together and demanded to not be reminded of their loved ones or exes elsewhere. And I don't have enough insulin with me to put up with this schlock. EVEN CHRISTMAS MUSIC WOULD BE BETTER.

Er, sorry, maybe I should go get some coffee or something.

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