RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

First three months back ...

Of my first three months back at Stratus, I think the break-down will be:
7 weeks in the UK on Business
1 week in Milan on Business
Most of 1 week at Westercon (without SMOZZ)
Most of 1 week at Worldcon (with SMOZZ)
3 weeks at home (first week, week they were supposed to work on the back porch, and the week they finally started working on the back porch).

The repairs on the back porch still aren't finished. They said they would be done this week. We will see.

SMOZZ has been a trouper taking care of the house, kitties, and dealing with the back porch and so on. Thanks Dear!

The kitties seem to be a little out of sorts by the whole thing. Cookie was trying to lie on top of my luggage as I was packing on Sunday. I've been trying to spend as much time with them (and SMOZZ ...) as possible when home.
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