RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

mail woes

My primary mail hosting site (yahoo) has been hosed off and on all week for hours at time. Hours now appear to be stretching into days. Mail to kovalcik (at) alum.mit.edu was not really affected, because I can read that in vaious places. But, much of my mail (including rk (at) mit.edu) is in limbo. I've changed things around so that I can read that mail at gmail also. But, anything you sent me (or via a mailing list) in the last 24 hours or so may be hung in the ether.

If you need to contact me urgently (or mail starts hard bouncing), please try kovalcik (at) alum.mit.edu or if really necessary rick.kovalcik (at) stratus.com or call my cell phone. If you don't have the cell phone number and need it, please comment here.

Thanks / Sorry.
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