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Suggestions needed for Arisia ... Party ...

This is "cross-posted" from a mailing list ...

So, as some of you probably know, I'm spending a lot of time in London
this year for work. (I know, tough job, but someone has got to do it.
And London is certainly better than say Dusseldorf or Mumbai.)

Rather than look a gift horse in the mouth (or something like that), it
occurs to me (with a little prodding) that I should probably try to
bring back something special for the Arisia ... Party. If you don't
know what I'm talking about, please move along - these aren't the
droids//////bottles//////things you are looking for.

So, I'm looking for suggestions as to what to bring back. Given the
current security paranoia////////stupidity/////////theatre about
liquids, the easiest thing would be if WorldOfWhisky at
Gatwick/Heathrow/Etc carries it.

I'm inclined to say something like I'll count up the number of votes
and divide by the total cost of the item, but even I can't be that
anal. So I'll probably start from my interpretation of something
close to that and throw some extra weight to what certain Arisia staff
members like or what the cute staff member at WoW likes or something
like that.

Feel free to reply privately or copy the list as you see fit.

(Arisia Corporate President)
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