November 8th, 2005


life is stranger than fiction

Susan and I were in California for a weekend away. We were doing the wine tasting thing. There is a weekend event in Sonoma (actually northern Sonoma / Russian River Valley) where a bunch (57!) wineries have special tastings pairing food and wine (
We managed to hit about 24 of them over 2 days. Figure 30 minutes each. We are back now. Sharon Sbarsky was nice enough to pick us up at the airport. Because we bought a case of wine even though we said we weren't going to. And dragging a case of wine as well as two suitcases, two briefcases, and a computer case on the T would really suck. (I never said we traveled light.) But, it was 50% off and we liked it. We figured a comparable wine here would have cost us $20 per bottle, so $8 per bottle was a real bargain. Delormier Spectrum 2001 (White).

Anyway, I still don't have a good answer from Symantec about the job thing. On the other hand (and the subject of this post), I have a draft of a contract to consult for a Stratus Customer for 2-3-6 weeks. At more money than anyone I've talked to in the last year has been offering. True it is only for several weeks.

And, it is in India. Mumbai. I kid you not. I even specified Business Class Airfare and they didn't blink. The first trip would probably be for 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, it means I would probably be gone over Thanksgiving and might also miss Smofcon. But, in 3 weeks, I'd come close to "earning" what I did in 30 weeks of unemployement insurance.

And Symantec might still come thru.