December 6th, 2005


don't drunk the ... coke ???

We went out to lunch at McDonalds today (in Mumbai, India). It was pretty similar to the US except there was no beef. (There is probably a Wendy's joke in there somewhere ... "Where's the beef?") So most of the burgers where Chicken burgers. They also had Fish Fillets and some local foods as well as the ubiquitous fries. They were out of bottled water. I wonder if the Coke / Diet Coke is premix or whether they use filtered water or if we just made a mistake and drank the water in the form of local McDonalds Coke??? ;)

A lot of our other lunches were takeout from Dominos. Which was also pretty similar to the States and provided Coke / Diet Coke in cans / bottles. :)

BTW, this posting is kind of tongue in cheek. I'm not terribly worried. In fact, various people have said the tap water in the hotel is OK to drink. I'm eating an unpeeled (but washed) apple from the hotel as I type this. I'll probably get hit by lightning or something now.