December 24th, 2005


live from the Escher Hilton!

Just a brief update.

(SMOZZ and I are on our way down to NY/NJ to see the family for the holidays. We decided to stop over rather than drive the entire way on Xmas-eve. And we decided to stay at the the Escher Hilton (of Lunacon fame). The room decorations are still as tacky. Stuck in the 70s.)

Obviously, I'm back from India. It was an interesting trip. At this point it looks like I'm going back on 1/1/2006 for about a week. Probably returning to the US on 1/8/2006. This time I'm scheduled to fly NW from BOS-AMS-BOM. The flight times are a little better in that they leave later and get back earlier. Except I have a long layover in AMS on the way back. I've spent a lot of time in AMS already (since the Stratus office was there). So, I'm thinking of getting a hotel room for the "day" in AMS at the airport and taking a real nap.

The customer had originally wanted me to fly on Saturday night again (12/31/2005) to be there for Monday morning. But, I said "Er, December 31st is kind of a holiday in the US and I'd like to spend it with my wife rather than on a plane ..." and we compromised on January 1st. Of course, I just talked myself out of a days "pay".

At this point I don't see anything to keep me from attending Arisia. Lisa, Carsten, and Tem have agreed to run the tagging sessions for me (Wed, Sat, Sun).

Next week I need to reserve the truck.

There is some chance I will be going back to India again in late January (after Arisia) when the customer goes live or for more work before they can go live.

This would be a really great gig if I could get it to continue for a while.

More as time permits.