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Friday, January 6th, 2006

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Live and tired from Mumbai ...
Well, I'm back in Mumbai (at least for another 24 hours). It's about midnight (Friday into Saturday) here now.

After a wonderful party at debgeisler and Mike's on NYE, I missed the party on NYD about a mile from my house at an ex-co-workers. I was packing and paying bills and ... all day on the first and finally made it to Logan Airport at 17:00 for a 18:20 flight to AMS. (As some of you probably know, US International Check-in really is only required 1 hour before the flight and when flying "up front" people try not to give you lip.)

This is also the first time I think I've looked at LJ since the New Year. Of course I'm in Mumbai enjoying the ... Er, I'm not sure what. Money I'm making? Hotel? Helpfulness of the co-workers? I'm still hoping to finish the last Harry Potter book (HBP) on the way back.

I'm still planning on return on schedule on Sunday 1/8. This would give me a couple of days to recover in Boston before Arisia.

After Arisia, I'm heading down to NJ/NY to help my parents move.

And the good / bad news is that it looks like the customer wants me to come back to Mumbai twice more at this point. Once at the very beginning of February (so that I can get back in time for Boskone) for further testing with their end users and once more when they go live in March. This would most probably be either at the first week or the last week of March. Fortunately, the person I am working with from HK has a large family cruise booked the middle of March, so it looks like I will be able to make Lunacon also. I should be able bill the customer for about 5-10 days in between trips writing reports, answering general questions, and analyzing test data from the customer. So, it looks like I'll be making some bucks in Q1. Perhaps almost as much as I would have made at Stratus and a planeload of Frequent Flyer miles as well. Unfortunately no benefits. Health-care is the biggest drag. Another part of the bad news is that it looks like I will miss the NESFA Business Meeting in February and perhaps March too. That means I would have to attend the April and May meetings or lose voting rights. Or maybe it is just April. Or maybe FIJAGDH.

People have started telling me I should stop over in Singapore or Thailand or ... on one of these trips. It looks like it is time to start looking into flying BOS-SIN-BOM-LHR-BOS. If I could fly Singapore Air BOS-SIN (or JFK-SIN) and Virgin Atlantic SIN-LHR-BOS, it would be an even bigger boondoggle.

Happy New Year!

Current Mood: but happy

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