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RKOV's Journal
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Friday, February 24th, 2006

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Job Updates ...
Some brief job updates ...

In general it looks like the market is picking up. I'm getting more and more queries. I sort of turned down an offer to go work in Philadelphia for 18 months as a consultant / contractor doing Stratus development. When the negotiations started it was 1 month to 6 months. Which was plausible. But commuting back and forth at least a couple of weekends a month for 18 months seemed unrealistic.

I've lined up a week of training on Stratus in Phoenix, the week of 3/6.

And it looks like the India thing may be starting again in late March.

Finally ...

The company SMOZZ has been consulting for off an on for about 10 years is being sold. The "passing" should be today. As part of the sale they renegotiated a bunch of contracts. The made her a full time offer with benefits today. (Actually this is the second offer they made. The first one had some problems.) She is going to accept which will solve the healthcare problem.

Maybe I'll win the lottery tonight too!

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