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Friday, May 26th, 2006

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raising the driving age will help just like raising the drinking age helped ... NOT TO BOTH ...
I was going to post this in response to someone else in their journal, but it wasn't 100% germane, so I decided to start a fresh thread here ...

Pardon me while I get on my soapbox. Raising the driving age (which Massachusetts is currently considering) is likely to work about as well as raising the drinking age ... that is make a bigger problem.

When the drinking age was 18 most kids had their first drink in high school. Parents had a chance to tell if the situation was getting out of hand. Raising the drinking age just meant that we have a lot of unsupervised kids drinking for the first time in college. Even worse is kids not knowing when they can get their next illicit drink so they grab as much as they can.

Raising the driving age will just mean that kids get less experience driving in high school and get to do more foolish things in college or in the real world.

Frankly I think the old people are a bigger problem. I'd be in favor of mandatory yearly driving and eye tests for people over 65 and not letting them on the road during rush hour (just kidding about the last part).

But, maybe I'm biased having had about 12k worth of damage done to my Saab in 1986 by a 70 year old falling down drunk. I was hit head on by an idiot passing a car making a left turn. The drunk passed the other car on the left into my lane and hit me spinning my car 180 degrees around. (BTW, I walked away without a scratch; the car probably should have been totaled but wasn't.)

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