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Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

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It's fourth of July weekend, this must be ...
I'm at Westercon in San Diego, my 4th in a row. It's a nice but smallish (500-750 people) con. Besides giving me a chance to get to some smaller cities (last year was in Calgary which was a wonderful experience, the year before that was at the Wigwam in Phoenix which I consider a wonderful resort, and the year before that was at SeaTac), Westercon is turning into Smofcom summer. It is also somewhat of a relaxacon for me. I tend to do (volunteer) less at Westercon than I do at Worldcon and the local cons.

Last year I didn't even go to Worldcon (Glasgow), but I went to Westercon. Next year I most probably won't be going to Worldcon (Yokohoma Japan NOT Tokyo*) but I plan on going to Westercon (Bay Area, San Mateo Marriott).

*I've been to Japan 3 times already including once with Susan for about 8 days for our 10th wedding anniversary. I'd be a lot more interested in going if they had picked a more interesting venue like Kyoto.

It is also worth noting that this is my first con since 2004 where I am fully employed. (I got laid off just before Arisia 2005.) While I haven't gotten paid in my new position yet so I'm trying to not spend too much money, it is nice to not have to totally worry about money.
On finding a job ... (I'm back at Stratus) ...
A lot of previous posts on this subject have been friends-locked, so here is a public one. This was originally sent in a similar form to a couple of local job seeking groups.

After about 16 months of semi-retirement, looking for a new position, and consulting I’ve returned to my ex-employer – Stratus Technologies (aka Stratus Computer). They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I started last Monday. I’m not returning to the same job I had, but to a different (and hopefully more interesting and more secure job). Rather than home office Technical Support, I’m going to doing more Professional Services with direct customer interaction. In fact, I’m going to be traveling about 50% (or more to start), but I’ll try to stay in touch.

Thanks to all the people on LJ at the various networking groups (especially Acton, TCP, and Wind) and the Burlington Buddy Group who helped me!

I have a handful or so of advice for people looking for jobs. (Sorry if it's long winded, but some people said they wanted to hear it.).

Job hunting advice behind the cut ...Collapse )

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