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RKOV's Journal
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Sunday, August 6th, 2006

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Commenting by anonymous users
This is not directed at people on my friends list or people who occasionally forget to login. I know I've forgotten to login myself.

I've just changed my settings to disallow commenting on my entries by anonymous users.

While I respect everyone's right to speak their mind, but I believe people should at least believe enough in what they are saying to stand behind it with their name. Not to mention that with the previous setting allowing anonymous replies, some things were beginning to border on trolling. This way I won't have to decide if a comment is trolling and should be deleted or not.
And the answer is ...

As in, I'm going to England on Monday.

The contract with the customer in Germany hasn't been signed yet. Current thinking is that the project in Germany will start about Labor Day.

But, just in case, I've just canceled by hotel reservations in Germany for the first week and am keeping the ones for the second week in case anything changes.

The good news is that if I stay in England the second week and don't need to go to Germany, I can travel back to Boston on Friday 18 August and attend the Mensa picnic on Saturday 19 August. The bad news is that I need to leave on 9 AM flight Monday instead of a noon flight Monday. So, it is going to be another very early day on Monday.

At this point I'm about 50% packed. I should finish.

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