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Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

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Is LACon Listening?
I tried asking this in a couple of ways (in existing threads which I hope someone was monitoring). Before I post this in the LACon Forum, I'll give it one more try here in the hopes that someone will respond publicly.


I've tried asking this in back doors sort of ways and have gotten no response. So, I'll ask it here. Is someone from LACon going to make an announcement about the Internet Lounge Problem being "solved"? "Rumor" has it that some other groups have donated money to solve this problem.

Frankly, I liken this to the "Bud Lite" problem. I wouldn't be caught drinking Bud Lite (or ODouls). Yet when I throw a general purpose party with more then a couple of kinds of beers, I get both Bud Lite and ODouls. Now it seems pretty obvious that the people running LACon don't really care much about Internet Access. Kind of like the people running N4 didn't care about a blood drive or ... However, it also seems pretty clear that there a large section of fandom who does care about an Internet Lounge. Probably more than cares about a Fanzine Lounge. Maybe they are wrong and maybe they drink Bud Lite too. But, I really think LACon could have done a better job on this. Especially since the last LACon was a license to print money and this LACon is giving away free memberships to guests of Pros (who otherwise would have paid, even if the Pros eventually got reimbursed).

And for the record, I probably won't use the Internet Lounge for more than a couple of minutes myself. If even that much. I regularly buy access in my hotel room. In fact I'm spending $30 / day as we speak for Internet Access (Hilton Heathrow - $15 BP / day - 1 BP = $2.00 or so). Yes, my company will probably pick it up. But, I did forget to expense the 50 BP / week at a different hotel for the last trip. Silly me.

LACon are you listening to what the fans want???

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