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RKOV's Journal
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Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

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Alas, no Dragoncon ...
Alas, there will be no Dragoncon for me this year. I canceled my (free, Hilton Points) hotel reservation today. I had waited until the last minute to look for airfare. There was some chance I was going to be able to tack it on to a DUS-ATL(Dragoncon)-BOS or visa-versa trip, but that didn't happen and the airfare was about $500. Also, I haven't had a "down" weekend home in a while. Plus, the repairs to the screened in porch are turning into a major CF. Or major ant farm. When they pulled the 4 rotted trim boards off, they found that the back end of the screened-in porch below the deck (essentially the left wall of the garage as you are facing it) had major water damage. The clapboards are toast and are in the trash tonight. The sheathing is also toast (mostly rotted) and needs to be replaced. The insulation probably will be replaced just in case. The two headers and the stringer (?) at the end of the porch are also rotted and need to be replaced. Fortunately I think most of the upright studs are OK. And it was confirmed that it is just ants and not termites. And it is impressive that things looked fine from the outside give the condition of the headers and stringer. It could have sagged 6 inches with all the damage.

So, since we are not going to Worldcon next year, I'm going to *plan* on both NASFiC and Dragoncon (as well as Westercon and Bouchercon).

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