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RKOV's Journal
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Monday, September 4th, 2006

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Back in London ...
Well, (as of about 2 hours ago) I'm back in London. I'll probably be here for two weeks this time.* Unless I go have to go to Dusseldorf or Milan the second week. "Have to" is perhaps the wrong phrase in that both Dusseldorf and Milan would be "good things". If I wind up in in Dusseldorf on this trip, it means the customer there has finally signed the contract and Stratus will make some major money. If I wind up in Milan it means that we've finally gotten the application hairball in the UK straightened out and I'm free enough to travel to Milan for some OJT from the other person who is going what I'm supposed to be doing. (He's actually based in LA, but he has a gig in Milan next week.) (Dusseldorf trumps London which trumps Milan.)

This was the first US based flight I'm been on (since latest security scare started on 8/10) where they actually did a secondary security check at the gate. I guess given the flight was to London, it is somewhat understandable. On the other hand during the 5 minutes I was passing thru primary security, I saw them confiscate a bottle filled with what looked like home brewed iced-tea and a couple of large jars of peanut butter. I wonder what pile of sand or orifice those people had their heads in for the last month. (The lines at Logan at 07:00 this morning were much shorter in general than the other two Mondays I've taken the same flight. My flight was a little more crowded than last time and less crowded than the first time. I guess tourists in general don't like to get up early except when they have to.)

*Cell phone and email should continue to work for contacting me if necessary ... I even caught up with most of my email (except for the 600+ SMOFS messages) on the plane ...

Current Mood: tired

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