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RKOV's Journal
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Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

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LJ, friends, and squicky things
Someone (roaming) commented that they were somewhat freaked out by random people friending them. Unfortunately they also had their settings set to only allow posting comments by friends and I wasn't a friend. I didn't realize this until after I typed the following reply / comment. So I guess it goes here. Maybe they will see it. May I don't care anymore.

I'll add SO of friends or sometimes people who post in friend's journals. E.G. I read a comment in a friend's journal posted by a friend-prime, go check out the friend-prime and decide they are / might be someone I want to read, so I add them. I've also done the same thing when browsing communities even when I didn't add the community or dropped the community later.

I commented in another friend-prime's journal that I think LJ has returned us in a sense to an earlier time when there is more emphasis on writing and talking to people through writing.

Still I agree there are some squicky things going on.

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