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Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

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ma question 1 fails - suprised no, disappointed yes
I can't say I'm surprised to see that Massachusetts Question 1 (allowing the sale of alcohol in more grocery stores) went down to defeat. Disappointed yes. Surprised no.

Frankly this seems to be the classic case of consumer convenience and price vs. monopoly pricing and control. The liquor distributor and store industry is against this for exactly the same reason as they were against allowing out of state shipments of wine into Massachusetts. And when the US Supreme Court told them to stuff that, they managed to get the state legislature to pass an overly restrictive new law which technically allows out of the state shipments of wine into Massachusetts but practically all but prohibits them.

And what about public safety and question 1? More BS, IMHO. For example, I might not have been hit by a drunk driver in 1986 if question 1 like measures were around. You see, I was hit head on Concord Road in Billerica by a 70 year old man who had to drive all the way across Billerica to get his fix of alcohol and then drive home. The person who hit me was so drunk that he passed on the left into my lane of traffic a car making a left turn, kept coming even after I blew my horn, hit my car, spun it 180 degrees around, and kept going. One witness drove after him and was unable to get him to pull over. We did have a number of descriptions a full license plate number. He was in a full size Ford van. Fortunately I was in the Saab. While it wasn't a fair match, the Saab held up remarkably well (perhaps too well, it really should have been totaled, took months to fix, and had lingering problems for the next 13 years), and I walked away from the accident without a scratch. They caught the drunk driver about an hour later driving past the scene of the accident again going back for more booze. He was so drunk he apparently didn't remember being in an accident and still had pieces of my front grill in his bumper. Yes, so my story is probably out of the edge of the bell curve, kind of like the stories of people who lived because they *weren't* wearing their seat belts. But, actually my story is about as relevant as all the scare stories from the other side.

And now that I am on my soapbox, why has drunk driving by young drivers increased since they raised the drinking age? For much the same reason as France which allows drinking a much lower age than the US has much less of a problem than we do. IMHO raising the drinking age was another knee-jerk-reactionary bone-headed measure.

American needs to get its head out of its ass about alcohol and stop trying to legislate neo-prohibition.

I just can't wait for the next time MADD contacts me ...

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