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RKOV's Journal
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Friday, December 8th, 2006

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my earliest google reference
Other people were talking about usent posts, but my earliest archived message (which happened to be to a mailing list editor-people) that I have found so far is ...

From: C70:editor-people - view profile
Date: Thurs, Feb 11 1982 9:14 am
Email: C70:editor-people
Groups: fa.editor-p
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>From RK@MIT-MC Thu Feb 11 08:52:46 1982

Well, the Wang Word Processor Editor would meet this
critera espeically when it runs on their VS product line.
The main part of the editor runs in a Z80 based workstation
and the host computer is a Wang VS (large mini which has
a 370-like architecture).


All of you not born in 1982, please try not to rub it in too hard.

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