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RKOV's Journal
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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

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It could be a lot worse ... or no, it's not really 10:40 PM ...
It seems the older I get, the less sleep I need. Last night I went to bed in Milan at 00:00 GMT+1 after only having gotten about 1-2 hours "sleep" on the plane from BOS-MXP the night before. One would think I might sleep 7 or 8 hours and perhaps even have trouble waking up for my alarm about 07:00. No such luck. I woke up about 04:00 local time after only 4 hours of sleep. So much for joking that I only need 6 hours sleep.

Part of it might have been that I seemed hungry. Which is pretty "funny" after two meals on the plane, a largish lunch with the customer, and 3 courses at the local Stratus Holiday Dinner (appetizer, soup, pasta) before I gave my regrets and went back to the hotel before I feel asleep in/on my main course or dessert. I was tired at 22:00. Then I spent 2 hours straighening out plane reservations I forgot to cancel / change for this week. (Besides BOS-MXP, I had BOS-DUS, and BOS-LHR booked from before plans changed. 2 or 3 times.)

But still it could be a lot worse. I have a job. I'm in Milan. The hotel doesn't suck. And so on. Of course, SMOZZ could be here. Or I could be there. I'd say the hotel could have cats, but it is a slippery slope from cheating on your cats to ... On the other hand, in most circles it is safer to come home with another cat than another wife.

Well, I've "eaten" the last 8 or so Brachs Lemmon Drops I found in my luggage. Maybe I'll fall asleep again now. If that fails, it is either raid the chocolate in the mini-bar, raid the Heinekin in the mini-bar, or give up and read. At least I can expense the mini-bar. Like I said it could be worse.

Current Mood: not so tired

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