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RKOV's Journal
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Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

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The cats are conspiring ...
Cookie and Peanut are like on different schedules.

smozz and I stayed home last night and watched Order of the Phoenix on DVD.   Why?  Because we thought there was a Director's Commentary.   Once we relized there wasn't we probably should have punted and moved on to  Ratatouille or something  that we hadn't seen before.   Anyway I caught up (somewhat) on email (So, nothing new happened on Smofs.  Yes, they are bitching about Denver, but I knew last summer it was likely to be a CF.   And I made my reservation at the Hyatt then.)   Cookie generally wanted to be in the middle of things.   Ever try balencing both a 15 pound cat and a laptop on your lap?   But Peanut was nowhere to be found.   Actually I suspect she was in the basement.   Even the fire in the fireplace couldn't draw the two of them to it.

This morning Cookie is sleeping on the couch and Peanut has walked across the keyboard at least twice, putting the laptop in suspend mode once.   She is currently sitting on my lap and doesn't want to let me leave to go upstairs and start sorting thru the papers in my study.   At some point I'm going to have to give up.   I'll probably bring her upstairs and put her on the chair.   And she will run back downstairs and start howling for me to come downstairs and sit with her.

Fickle cats.

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