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RKOV's Journal
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Friday, March 28th, 2008

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Tipping on business trips?
So, I'm on a business trip in NC with another Stratus employee.  Something he has been doing is "bothering me".  I'd like others to weigh in on the subject.

Poll #1161817 Tipping on business trips?

If you are on a business trip and only have a bagel for breakfast and the bagel alledgedly costs $1.00, what do you do?

Do you leave $1.00 on the table and assume that the tax is included?
Do you leave $1.07 on the table to cover the tax?
Do you leave $1.22-$1.30 on the table to cover tax and tip?
Do you leave $2.00 on the table, because the smallest acceptable tip for any meal, especially when you sit at a table for 30 minutes is $1.00?
Do you order the full breakfast buffet and say the heck with it because the company is paying?

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