February 18th, 2011


Still sleep deprived ... (At Boskone ...)

A friend commented that I shouldn't be sleep deprived now;  I was supposed to be sleep deprived after the convention, not before.   (Boskone is this weekend.)   I commented back that I was in fact sleep deprived after the convention; this was still sleep deprivation from Arisia.   Earlier this week I finally finished sorting through the Arisia stuff in the basement of Chez Wood.   There are still several boxes to go back to Arisia storage.  But, the basement looks better than it has in about 1.5 years.   With some help, I finally reimaged the four computers that were donated a year and a half ago and had been sitting in the basement.  They are ready for use next year and no longer in the house.   Anyway I'm at Boskone now.  Arisia party tonight.   Maltcon tomorrow.   I think I'm going to go take a nap.