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RKOV's Journal
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Sunday, July 17th, 2011

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Welcome Anastasia and Arthur ...
Gennie and Rachel dropped off Anastasia and Arthur this afternoon. I'll be taking care of Anastasia until they return from London in about a year. I'll be taking care of Arthur for an unknown amount of time until his real owner finds a cat friendly place to live (could be a month, could be a year, might be forever, ???). Anastasia is about six and Arthur is about two. They've only been together about two months but they get along well together. They spent most of the afternoon down the basement but now they are upstairs in the great room checking out the screens on the doors to the porch. The screened in porch is temporarily out of commission as it is being re-stained and needs to be re-screened. If all goes well, it will be done by next weekend. They seem to be settling in well. Arthur has brushed up against me a number of times and Anastasia has been purring and even let me comb her a little.

Pictures of Anastasia and Arthur under the cut ...Collapse )

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