December 22nd, 2011


Brazilian optimization noted.

The typical Italian Easter dinner is antipasto, followed by some sort of pasta or lasagna followed by ham. No one eats the ham. Brazilian lasagna (at least the one time I had it) was made with ham. ISYN. It was a layer of pasta, a slice of ham, cheese (perhaps a slice), a layer of pasta, a slice of ham, cheese, a layer of pasta, and more cheese. How brilliant to combine two courses into one! ;)

Adrift in time ...

I'm usually pretty good about knowing the day of the week and date.   This trip has been different.  Perhaps because all the days are the same and there are few anchors (well, I was off Sunday), I'm having trouble remembering the day of the week and the date.

Back home, the days are pretty much all different:  Monday is Barflies, Tuesday is sometimes movie night, Wednesday is Scotch tasting, etc.

Blood Donations

I was pleased to find out that my travel to Sao Paulo does not require a 12-month blood donation deferral because it is not in an at-risk Malaria area.   So, I've scheduled a donation appointment (#129 I think) for Friday 12/30!