December 24th, 2011


#First World Problems

For the last several days, my flight from GRU-DFW (AA 962) has been arriving in D and my flight from DFW-BOS (AA 674) has been leaving from D.   Not so on the 25th, the day I am flying.  AA 962 is still scheduled to arrive in D (I suspect all international arrivals at DFW are in D or maybe E), but AA 674 is scheduled to leave from A.   So, if the flight is on time (and it has been 15-30 minutes late over the last week, although that seems to have improved lately), I have about 1:45 to clear passport control, get my luggage, clear customs, recheck my bag, clear security again, and get from D to A (or get from D to A and then clear security again; but I suspect air-side will be faster unless there is a long line for security).  At least I'm "up front" on both flights so that I can be one of the first people off when we land at DFW and there should be room for my bags in the overheads on the flight to BOS. 

So, Christmas morning when you are all sitting down to open your gifts, think of my rushing through the Dallas airport.

Still, I'm looking forward to getting home and seeing A&A and all the friends.  (As amusing as the friend alphabet soup would be, I'm going to stop making trouble now.   It was pointed out to me that last time L was ambiguous.)