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Monday, May 14th, 2012

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OK, so I'm a printer geek ...
Not sure if this is useful or just a toy but ...

I finally snagged an HP 680N (wireless JetDirect card) on Ebay for a semi-reasonable price.  It appears the HP List Price is about $1200.  The going web price seems to be about $250-$270.   I paid about 1/4 of that on Ebay.  Of course, I didn't get the manuals etc.

This would be useful to install a printer some place by itself were there is no other network connection.   For example, in my basement I have a HP CLJ 8550 with nothing except a LinkSys WET11 to talk WiFi for it.   This would let me get rid of the LinkSys WET11 in places like that.  Also, given the LinkSys WET11's are no longer manufactured and getting harder to find (and cost about $50 on Ebay themselves) and are sometimes flakey, the HP 680N would be a good replacement for the LinkSys WET11 especially as more of the HP 680N hit the Ebay Market.    Plus, there isn't a separate box to fall off, get banged around, and / or break.

("Unfortunately" in my garage I have 3 printers and a NAS box, so this really doesn't help there.   Also, in my living room / library I have 3 printers, really only 1 of which is used.   The WET11 I'm using there has definitely been the weak link in printing to my default printer - an HP 5000.  I currently have the HP 680N on that printer.   And yes, although the HP specs say the HP 680N doesn't work with the HP 5000 or a bunch of other printers, I suspect it will without problem.  A JetDirect card is pretty much a JetDirect card, and if one works, they all should.)

Specs from HP's website ...Collapse )

Ah, and setting it up actually makes use of AdHoc mode in wireless netwowrking.  I think this is the first time I've ever actually used AdHoc wireless mode.

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