June 17th, 2012


Printer Neepery

Well, in the future I think I will remember to spray the cleaning solution (Amorall Cleaner in this case) on a towel to clean the printers and get the loose toner off.  

Apparently after changing one of the toners in one of the HP 4550s today, I sprayed the cleaner on the printer and it got sucked in.  This caused splotching on the color printouts going forward. 

After swapping several parts with the "standby printer", I read the troubleshooting guide which suggested the transfer roller.  When I got home tonight I swapped transfer rollers and that solved the problem / moved it to the other printer.  Fortunately the transfer roller is about $27 from a number of sources and I found a new one on Ebay for $10 (shipping included).    Actually the transfer roller probably was on its last legs anyway as I bought the printer used and it now has about 45000 pages on it.  The transfer kit including the roller is supposed to be done every 25000 pages or so.
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