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Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

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Kimi ...
Unfortunately, Kimi is not working out getting along with Arthur.  

Kimi is very sweet cat and has been very friendly to the humans at Chez Wood.  Even in the worst of times she has not hissed at us or swiped at us or tried to bite us.  Starting from the first night she has been sleeping on the bed in the in the guest room including the nights L is there.   Often when I go up to her and pet her, she starts grooming / licking my hand (and of course purring).  She will also come in sit in our laps.  (She has been better at using a litter box and burying than Arthur is - it seems he never learned to bury.   She also is really good about using her cardboard scratcher.)

On the other hand, Kimi is not getting along with Arthur.  Most of the time they have been separated by a door or baby gates.  He wants to play with her.  She has been only hissing at him.   He hasn't really hissed back but tends to back off.  If she runs away he chases her because he thinks she wants to play (that is what Anastasia used to do).  She will then either run into a corner and get really freaked out or attack him.   Fortunately, there has been no blood, but there has been a fair bit of fur flying and worse every time we have tried to introduce them.

We've done everything the Animal Rescue League recommended and everything my vet and Dr Karen suggested (other than giving it three months). It has been three weeks today.  We've tried the Comfort Zone / Feliway.  

Even if this gets better and they learn to co-exist, we don't think either will really be happy.  Arthur wants a friend and Kimi wants to be left alone.  We are afraid she will always be alert and scared for whether Arthur is going to sneak up on her.

Kimi would make a really great cat in an only cat household.  Maybe she would be OK with young kittens or smaller cats or having a new cat introduced after she was settled in a household.   (She is 10 pounds, Arthur is about 16 pounds.)   She might be OK with dog(s) if the dog(s) will leave her alone.

So, unless anyone is willing to adopt Kimi as an only cat and agree to keep her indoors, she is most probably going back to ARL next week.  (Returning her in the first 30 days is much easier.)  

I'm sad but I think it would be the best for Kimi to find a forever home where she will be cherished as an only cat.

Current Mood: sad

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