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RKOV's Journal
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Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

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Kimi ... resolution .. hopefully ...
I am pleased to report that L and I took Kimi over to nchanter and Gumby's place last week and it seems to be working out well.  Kimi was getting along with their cat Monster better to start with than she ever got along with our* cat Arthur and it continues to get better.  So, it looks like she has found a new forever home.

More details at http://nchanter.livejournal.com/556798.html

History and pictures at http://paradoox.livejournal.com/597533.html and http://paradoox.livejournal.com/604100.html

We'll miss her, but it is for the best.  And we can go visit!

* OK, even M, L's BF has started calling L Arthur's "mom".  So, I think it is time to give in an call Arthur "our" cat. 

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