RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

My most interesting google reference

What do you want to be "remembered" for? I was (ego) searching google a while back and came across this reference. I think this is the most interesting google reference to me that I have found.

From rec.games.diplomacy:

COMPUTER FORMATTED ZINE (1) ... The issue is typed into a
computer, which then prints it out on a letter quality printer which makes
copy suitable for photocopying. This permits easy editing of errors and,
in many cases, right justification. By 1990 most zines in North America
were written on computers. Early examples are
Richard Kovalcik's _The Tetracuspid_ (1-58, June 1975-October 1981),
Al Pearson's _Just Among Friends_ (1-28, October 1980-December 1982) and
Allen Wells' _Dot Happy_ (1-24, February 1981-February 192).
See also Computer Printed Zines.
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