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This should probably go to TF ... or ... let's see how much trouble I can cause ...

So, I'm looking for a good way to edit LD to DVD transfers.  (Of course I would only want to do this for things that are in the public domain, backup, or personal use as long as I hold on to the original LD.  ;) ;) ;) )  I can easily do LD to VCR transfers having a couple of really good "prosumer" SVHS decks.  If I overrun playing the end of the LD when recording to VHS I merely rewind the VHS tape to the correct place, hit pause, hit record, cue the next side of the LD, and go.  Unfortunately once I overrun playing the end of a LD to a DVD recording I have no way on either of my DVD Recorders to edit out the junk.   Doing LD - VHS - DVD would work but I suspect it would lose some quality and it just seems wrong.   I guess I could copy the DVD image to a PC and use some sort of program there before burning another DVD.  Any ideas about good programs to use for DVD editing on a Windows PC?   Or maybe I want to play the LD directly into a video capture card on the PC?   Or any better ideas?
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