RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Let the opinions flow ...

So, I love my Blackberry Pearl (TMobile) but find that it really is not good as a web browser. I'm thinking of getting a second phone to swap the SIM card into when I want to do serious web browsing and / or Skype. The phone would need to be an unlocked (or maybe TMobile) GSM / GPRS phone. I'm thinking of just buying it outright or used. I don't mind signing up for another contract with TMobile but figure that my buying a non-Blackberry and keeping the Blackberry specific services might confuse them. I've used the touch screen Blackberry Storm and thought it sucked compared to the iPhone. [Gee I never thought I'd say something like that.] On the other hand I'd consider getting a jailbroken or international/non-locked iPhone except the more I hear about their quality, the less I like them. [I once accidentally drop kicked my Pearl across the street and it still worked fine other than a couple of scratches.] Anyone have any ideas?
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