RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Macallan Amber Discontinued

For all you Macallan Amber fans, whilst at the distillery this weekend I was told that the Macallan Amber Liqueur has been discontinued, pulled from the US market, and they are selling off the remaining stock at the distillery. A quick Google search confirms this (http://www.beforeiforget.co.uk/2008/last-orders/). Chose not to get any and have to pack it in luggage back to the states in the hope that there was still some to score around Boston.

OBTW, Macallan wins the award for the snobbiest show in the tasting room (even if tasting was free). The "Connoisseur's Tour" at Glenfiddich was the best tour (2.5 hours but 20 GBP per person). Then even allowed picture taking on most of that tour as opposed to the no pictures policies on the other tours. The tasting part of the "Aromas Tour" at Cardhu (one of the bases of Johnnie Walker) was was pretty good (and got to taste the best mix of Scotch - 8 GBP per person but the tour part was pretty lame). It was essentially the same speech by a less knowledgeable person than gave essentially the same tour at Dalwhinnie (5 GBP per person). They are both owned by Diageo. Glenfarcas was a low key free tasting.

And for the record, 3 nights and 2 days in Scotland (and two more on the train to / from London) was really too short a time. Also most distilleries are closed on Sundays and a lot on Saturday except possibly in July and August.
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