RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Laserjets, a plethoria of laserjets (or Ebay is your friend)

So a while back I picked up a HP Color Laserjet 5 for free at a "going out of business GTFO event in the DC area". For the last serveral years "Larry" as it was nicknamed has been the workhorse printer in the house. I even got a new drum (list price ~$750 for less than 10% of that on Ebay.

Recently SMOZZ called me and asked if I wanted a HP Laserjet 5000. WTF? She said don't ask but the braintrust at work had decided it was better to buy a new $200-$500 Laserjet than do the suggested 150,000 copy service on the existing HP Laserjet 5000. Now, admitedly the list price for the parts for the 150,000 copy service is about $1000 plus labor from HP, but you can pick up the kits on Ebay for about $150-$200. NESFA did that and did the 150,000 service on their HP 5000 themselves. It isn't hard. So I said yes. It turned out that the printer came with two unopened HP toner cartridges. WTF? I know I'd prefer to have a well built printer that would probably last another 150,000 copies than a $500 POS that will probably be dead in a year or two. At the very least I would have used up the two toner cartridges before giving the printer away. And you can get parts for the HP 5000 on Ebay a lot cheaper than you can get parts for new HP printers from HP. So "Loiuse" as the "new" printer was nicknamed has been chugging away for the past couple of weeks. I got it just before Arisia and had I realized it still worked fine, I would have brought it to Arisia.

Unfortunately, "Larry" is feeling a little lonely. Since "Louise" is much faster and the power save mode ont the 5000 seems much better than the powersave mode on the Color Laserjet 5, we've switched to using "Louise" as the primary printer and even turned "Larry" off to save power.

[In retrospect, I suspect we got the names backwards, the Color Laserjet 5 takes a long time to start up, but when it gets going it really rocks while the Laserjet 5000 is fast at startup and shooting its ... er ... paper out. So, perhaps the Color Laserjet 5 really is female and the Laserjet 5000 really is male. But I digress.]

So, the one problem with the Laserjet 5000 "Louise" is that it didn't have a duplexing unit. Enter Ebay again. A "dead" 5000 TN with a duplexing unit, JetDirect 600 card, internal disk, Gnu knows how much memory, and several paper trays, came up for sale. Given the JetDirect 600 card regularly goes for about $100, the duplexing unit is $200 - $800 depending on how gullible you are when you can get it, and and and it was a steal at $120. Especially since the failure mode is "fuser error". So I'm hoping when I do the 150,000 copy service on "Louise", I can install the old fuser from "Louise" in the "Ebayer" and breathe some life into it. In the mean time, "Louise" now has a duplexer. If I can't breathe life in the "Ebayer", the JetDirect card will probably go into the HP 4000 in Arisia Storage. ("Larry" and "Louise" both already have JetDirect cards.) And if I can breathe lift into the "Ebayer", it will probably become a permanent donation to Arisia signshop. The memory and internal disk will either stay with "Ebayer" or get transplanted to "Louise".

Ebay is your friend.

P.S. I'm still lusting after a Color Laserjet 8500 like Phi has. I wonder if I won the lottery tonight.
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