RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, or it could have been worse

Well, SMOZZ and I had a great (pre Valentine's day) dinner Tuesday night at Dandelion Green in Burlington. You may not like it, but it is our restaurant. (And they must be doing something right, they have been open for over 21 years, probably more like 25 or 30.) It is where we went on our first date (not that we were sure it was a date), I proposed to her, we had our rehearsal dinner, and so on. We try to go back several times a year.

But it went downhill from there ...

Yesterday (Wednesday) was another story. We finally got the Boskone truck loading done about 10 PM. 11 PM if you count remembering to pack two computers and put them in DGG's car. Yesterday morning the storm looked like it would be storm-lite around Boston. There was only about 2 inches of snow and the roads were pretty good. Then it got nastier. More snow followed by rain. SMOZZ says they even had to send out a replacement plow when the first plow got stuck in our driveway. Thanks to all who came into NESFA to help out. And to those of you who didn't, I understand, don't worry about it.

And yesterday morning we found out there had been a fire above Arisia storage. Rags soaked in solvent do not mix with other rags soaked in solvent. They can spontaneously combust. You would think that people working for furniture refinishing places would know that. At least the sprinkler head put the fire out in less than 5 minutes. Numbering buildings: ground, mezz, two, three, ... is really silly. Especially since the Cambridge Fire Department is likely to start looking for a fire on the floor above the ground floor when the alarm panel says "two". And Arisia storage is on that floor. On the other hand it was neat seeing what happens when the fire department puts an ax into the door between the locks and the door jam. Unfortunately due to the floor numbering fubar and other bad karma, it took the CFD about 30 minutes to turn off the water. Fortunately, the water damage seems confined to the back right corner of Arisia storage and most boxes were not on the floor (but instead on shelves or on wheels). It looks like some records were destroyed and some archive t-shirts will have to be cleaned. Hopefully other than that the damage will be minimal. There is probably going to be a work session at Arisia storage today to go thru things. We probably will also be able to collect against the insurance from the people where the fire started. And maybe now Arisia will get its act in gear and get our own insurance.
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