RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Newspeak or what?

So, I'm preparing for this week long class. As part of this we are supposed to do some reading preparation. [Not that it matters, but this is a computer security class.] Among the instructions are the following two bullets:

• Included are PDF files of all pre-reading assignments.
The password for the PDF[s] is [expunged].
To install Acrobat Reader for your operating system, simply click the icon below.

• Due to copyright law restrictions, we are not legally able to allow printing permission on the prereading PDFs. If you desire offline content, please consider the recommended reading suggestion below.

Now, WTF?

This is especially funny, because the PDFs seem to be sections out of their own book or course notes for another one of their classes. So, AFAICT, they own the copyright! I guess it is possible that the contents in their book / course notes were received under license from someone else, but, it just seems strange that they will let me save the PDF and email it (along with the password) to anyone I want, but they won't let me print it for my own use. And the password is NOT user specific and I suspect it hasn't changed since the course was started. It is about as secure as "thetree". Any, OBTW, there are tools you can buy on the internet to get around this sort of silliness.
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