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TSA Screening Hazardous To Your Health

I'm suprised no one has mentioned this. Of course Diane Rehm isn't a big thing in Boston given WBUR has it's head wedged and would prefer to waste money producing its own talk shows rather than buying somoone else's, but posted on Flyertalk (www.flyertalk.com) by Global_Hi_Flyer ...

Originally Posted by WashingtonPost
WAMU talk-show host Diane Rehm is still off the air after a nasty run-in with those little travel-size bottles dictated by the Transportation Security Administration.
As reported yesterday in the Examiner, Rehm put her contact-lens cleaner, rinse and perfume in three identical tinted plastic bottles to comply with the TSA's three-ounce rule for carry-on liquids.
You can guess the rest of the story. Full story at:
[down the page somewhat]
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