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sometimes technology sucks ... cell phone lossage ...

So, I finally decide that it is time to make a giant leap and get rid of my Motrola StarTac in favor of a Blackberry [not my first choice, but that all is Stratus supports for Enterprise Email]. Of course with the amount of time I'm spending in Europe, I should get something GSM which means switching from Verizon. Since Cingular Service in Newton Sux, that pretty much means TMobile. SMOZZ has had a TMobile phone for about the last six years and she is happy with it, so what could go wrong.

Next step on the path to hell is that I find a great deal thru buy.com. The Blackberry Pearl would essentially be free (well, maybe cost -$5 = $35 activation, $10 processing, and $50 rebate). They promise free 2 business day deliver. This was last Thursday.

So yesterday comes and goes and no phone. I login to check and it turns out it hasn't even been shipped yet. Not a really big deal except I'm leaving for Lunacon tomorrow and Europe on Tuesday. I call them and they say it will go out today and give a BS apology like all Indian call centers do. (We're sorry your inconvinenced / disappointed / screwed over). At this point I tell her that the apology is meaningless and if they really were sorry they would make sure it goes out today and upgrade me for free to next day delivery. Strangely she agrees. Of course the phone will probably arrive after I leave for Lunacon.

But, it gets worse. Much worse. Tonight I find out from someone who has been trying to reach me all day about taking stuff to Lunacon that he has left me several messages, none of which I have gotten. I pick up my Verizon Phone and dial voice mail and find out I don't have any service anymore. I dial my phone number from the landline and find out that it is now connected to TMobile. Now what is my password? I eventually get it reset. And listen to the 4 messages that people left for me today. And change my message to say that the phone number is fubar and I can't really get messages if you leave them on my cell phone. At least I get to keep my old cell number eventually.

But, in the mean time, please don't call my on my old ...6819 cell phone number, you can try me at 617-763-3121 (which is a Tracfone) or you can call me at home ...4560 and / or leave a message at either of last two numbers.
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