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Easter in Italy is like

Halloween in the US?

I.E. It appears to have become a somewhat secular holiday that people use as an excuse to holiday. Now, maybe Milan is weird. (OK, with all that black fashion, it clearly is weird, but I digress.) But...

Today isn't a formal holiday in Italy. Apparently Monday is. On the other hand, we haven't gotten that much done yesterday and today because lots of people are taking vacation.

While onc might expect today to be the most solemn of days in Italy, someone brought Champagne (well Italian Sparkling Wine) in to celebrate his birthday.

And the roads were empty this morning.

On the other hand the bar in the hotel was closed last night. I guess that was because the hotel was too empty. I don't think they were worried about JC rising from the dead and nuking them. (OK, that's the wrong analogy; clearly he is arisen already - or something.)

P.S. No, I didn't really have too much of the champagne.
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