RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

I'm beginning to hate gmail ...

I'm beginning to hate gmail. The two most annoying "features" at the moment:

It doesn't save your copy of a message sent to a mailing list in the correct place and doesn't forward it as per your forwarding rules. I.E. my gmail account gets forwarded to yahoo so I can (alledgedly) read my mail in either place. I just send mail to nesfa-active from gmail. Not only does the message only show in my "sent" folder on gmail and not my "nesfa" folder, but it didn't get forwarded to yahoo. Among other things, I have to go to the mailing list archives to see if was really delivered. This is happening with both nesfa and arisia mailing lists.

When viewing a message and deleting it gmail goes back to the message list view rather than the next message. This about doubles the number of keystrokes when reading mail and deleting a lot of it.
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