RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Sucking sounds at Westercon

I started to post this as a response on SMOFs to the "airport shuttle" hairball and realized that it was a snark / bitching more worthy of LJ, so here it is.

Admittedly, I showed up at 21:30 last night local time (00:30 east coast time). I didn't seem too tired. But, maybe that has something to do with this.

The hotel has failed to impress me.

The Internet speed reminds me of dialup (it is apparently clocking at about 110kps according to the CNET tests) rather than cable. It seems to me that the wireless is faster than the wired connection. Unfortunately I already spent $40 for 5 days of access (which should have been a $10 savings over $10 per day).

But more important, the hotel apparently has an "airport shuttle" which isn't most use to people arriving in the evening:

The good news ...

The hotel paid for my taxi from Milbrae.

The bad news ...

Remind me *never* to fly into Oakland again or believe that the San Mateo Marriott has an airport shuttle.

1) First my flight was an hour late due to weather on the east coast. This was my first flight on JetBlue. It wasn't bad other than the horde of kids running up and down the aisles and acting like the aisles were a giant playpen. And the gourmet cookie snacks where stale and crumbled.
2) It took about an hour to get my luggage once we landed at Oakland complete with being told it was coming out on baggage claim 1, no 4, no 1. At least when you are waiting forever at Logan, you are not waiting at a run down terminal.
3) Another 15 minutes or so for the AirBus to BART ($3 for something which IMHO should have been free and would have been at a well run airport like, er, Heathrow), complete with hitting what seemed to be every like.
4) At this point I called the hotel and told me the last shuttle was at 8 PM !!! Which seemed to contradict what Sharon found out.
5) So I took Bart to Milbrae without checking the Caltrain train schedule and got there at 9:10 (even with the fubars, I would have been at SFO at about
8:55 and made a 9 PM hotel shuttle).
6) I found I had missed the ~8:50 train and was going to have to wait for the ~10:20 train
7) At this point I decided to cut my losses and take a taxi from Milbrae to the hotel. It was $25 plus tip (=$30).
8) When I got to the hotel and confirmed there should have been a 9 PM shuttle, smoke was coming out of my ears.
The hotel did offer and make good on paying the $30. So I guess that is something.

Hopefully things will get better. Time for some coffee.
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